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Listen!  An  angel chorus sings!
Now the  time  has come
My alabaster box to offer.
With tapestries of snow upon my head
And bouquets of  times gone by

I shout with the angels
Telling  the hills a glorious tiding.
We come from a land far away
Our knees bend low to honor
The little King so holy.

Kings feast on rich repast 
A sleepy  world  dreams on
The voice of the trumpet sounds
But in  this  alabaster box
My reward will live on!

Heavenly Babe!
Sleep tight in your mothers arms!
Someday when you wake
The morning will arise
With crashing mountains
Open to your embrace
Once again the angels sing
You and I will be face to face!
Little Lambs   from Shepherd's Bush
Design size 68stitches high, 41 stitches wide

30x 25cm piece of antique white Belfast linen (32 count)
THREADS:1 skein each of the following DMC stranded threadsL 778light rose, 316medium rose, 926blue, 644 taupe, 524 light moss, 522 moss, 924 dark blue;, 415 light grey, 413 grey, 315 dark rose (backstitch only)

NOTE:  Each cross is worked over two horizontal and two vertical threads of fabric using two strands of embroidery thread.  The backstitch is worked using one strand of embroidery thread.