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Favorite Things
This is my most absolutely favorite place setting with mix and match dishes.  This looks so good, looking at it makes you fulfilled, my appetite anyway!
Slice cucumbers thin, salt, rinse, dry, layer in a mould with a galatin mix, fill with favorite filling, top with corn or yellow peppers, tiny butter lettuce leaves and a pretty pansy!
!Found this label in a magazine, matches me except for the last name!
Just a little exotic, but then so is the salad!
Appetizers guests can nibble on their way in the door or carry to their places
Try a stripple rolled with creamcheese or a decorated carrot curl.  Or a tenderbit rolled in yeast flakes and fried till crisp with a topping
Apple Pie Sipper
A vegetarian version says you can make this with clear apple juice, taste of maple syrup, 7-up or other sparklies,garnish with raw sugar on the rim and a  cinnamon stick with sliced green apple.
Now for the ultimate in cakes, very decorative and charasmatic. Good for summer and bright to cheer everyone!
This one would be good for a breakfast
This is where your glass grapes would come in handy eh! susie
When I look at You
I can make a tree
With your grace
To see with your eyes.
When You look at me
Trees will grow.

Walking out the door...

Then one day I smiled again
Because You turned around and smiled
Mountains were removed
Because You are everything to me

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

this is one of those little things I wrote while listening to Bruce Marchiano,  he was talking about acting as Jesus.  Do you remember that song "When down on my knees I am taller than trees'?,  Faith to move mountains? He gives us many chances.
Gifts to give to the guest and heart cookies all decorated can be used as handouts in ribbon drawn  taffeta bags.