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Dreams are like this

When twilight comes
You look upon the waters
and find the snow.
You see thru clear windows
Finding the beauty and majesty.
With eyes open wide you see
A midnight thunder and Milky Way.

In a moment it all goes by
in the blink of an eye
And all that lingers
Is a memory of precious laughter
And love and joy and generosity.
You find the light at the end of the road!

But only in your dreams.
In  Heaven's Eyes...
Pears and Tea
Jaimie works at a place called Colossi's. A quaint place with brown leather couches, high chairs to sit on,, and home made gifts to buy while you drink in their fresh smoothies or latties and munch on sweets while you chat or read a book!  She made a tea that was so good, so she won't mind if I share it with you.
She blended a handful of each of these ingredients, then steeped them in hot water.

Dried: cranberries,peaches,strawberries,orange peel,,lavender blossoms, and vanilla bean pod shavings.  Store in an airtight container or heavy brown bag!
Fresh fruit and raw vegetables are the get away foods from the usual  potato and gravy meal.  Dried apricots are supposed to be very good for you and the seeds contain a very important cancer fighting B-17 vitamin.
Remember the days when Mom would slice apples, string them up and dry them over the wood stove.  We would sneak a slice or two every now and then.  Nothing like the wood stove method!
Psalm 144  - Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:
                     - My goodness, and my fortress, my high tower, my deliverer, my sheild, and he in whom I trust; who subdues my people under me...