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News from Hazelton
Hello Friends and family

These letters are very popular this year!  I have received at least five of them. And it is very nice to hear what everyone is doing, to see the family pictures, and I love the way Aunty Mary did hers with the pictures of the younger days!

So here is a combination of everyone's style--

This year has been almost like a big holiday as in February I was laid off from the dental clinic in Wrinch Hospital as we had no dentist.  Way up here in the northern country where the economy is very slow, it is hard to get someone to come here. Our church is losing some of its long term members to other parts of Canada.   People are moving just like ants to Calgary or in the northern most part of BC and Alberta. { and yes, the clinic recruited a dentist from Toronto in November, so I have a job now!}

But our church is holding together.  We have new families from the community attending and it is encouraging.  This year I am Women's Ministry Leader, Communications Secretary, So that entitles me to be on the church board, also am doing the church bulletin and newsletters for secret sister and women's ministry, plus the phone committee.

This year my repetoire was in the organization of a men's seminar with Howard Kettner and Pastor Brian Hawes.  Also a seminar for the women with Cherie Peters last year.  Well! they seemed to have a lot of fun and each felt that the speakers left a great impression on church members and community alike. It was a lot of grueling planning but glad relief and excitement when I know everyone had a good weekend.

Every month we have a Women's Ministry meeting with about 15 ladies attending.  We bring a tooney for the volunteer who makes soup and the rest bring sandwiches. We start with worship, prayer, theme song and we bring a gift for someone or family who does not attend the meeting.  The community have also been included.  Then we have a draw for friendship partners, a demonstration of a craft or recipe is presented by someone and by that time we are so hungry we enjoy the meal, conversation and cleanup.  We are ready to go home to enjoy doing things with our partner.  It has been a great success and with the Lord in our midst we will all be blest.  Many prayers have been answered when all of us pray together.

This Christmas the ladies got together and gave two carloads of food, toys and clothes to a family of three boys and one on the way.  We had just as much fun as they did.

All three older kids celebrated their birthdays on Christmas day. Clarisa's is the end of January. 

And did I mention my very own pet Bob!  who weighs 150 lb and is 2 yrs old.

This year I made two trips to Calgary to visit my children who all live there. I have been very tempted to move and be with them. 

Jaimie and Josie live in High River, a very nice family oriented community.  But there is no church there.  Jaimie has made a lot of friends there and it would be nice if she could start a church there. She would like to start a Women's Ministry group also.  Please pray that some how one could be organized. 

Jaimie owns a salon called Estelle's Styles,[alias her second name],  has claimed a nice clientelle.  She keeps really busy with a second job at Colossi's Restaurant and managing to be a really great mom to Josie Madison Alice Wlasenko, who is now 2yrs old.

She is quite the girl and favorite of all her uncles and aunts, of course! She has the ability to talk a mile a minute without us knowing what she is saying!  But she is getting better.  She says mama for grandma!  She loves to copy her mom by talking on the phone and making appointments.  When clients come into the salon she loves to greet each one.

Josie loves:  dolls, playing with dishes, cooking with Mom, the kitty who visits once in a while, playing with friends at the daycare, and Pooh.
Curt Paul has been living in Calgary for four years now and has a very good position working at the Target Plant.  right now he drives forklift and supervises the rookies.  He has purchased a second Eagle Talon, red with tinted dark windows and of course this helps him go all over the city in about two minutes flat without getting a speeding ticket.!!!
He lives in a small apartment in the Marda Loop area and attends the  Church.  He enjoys the potlucks there as all guys do!! He loves to attend Amway seminars, witnessing to his buddies at work, lend a helping hand and being a great friend. Both boys love health. 
Clint Marvin- lives in Lacombe with a gentleman who has a piece of property in Clive.  Very active in church because you can never get hold of him and he is never home.  He is always giving someone a hand in moving with his white Toyota truck, being a big brother to a couple of kids-Justin and ?. attending Bible studies, being a deacon, going for bike rides tandem, planning to build a canoe with a friend, and studying the Bible.  He will make a good preacher someday. He also has been a carpenter for the last six years and working for the same company.

He has made a trip to the Philippines on a Maranatha tour with Brian Hawes.  They are planning to go again so if you can donate some funds that would be very welcome.
Clarisa Jenny Lynn-is our beautiful green eyed girl, [ not to mention her hair!] who can be found bombing all over the country with Curt, Clint, making trips to Hazelton, working at A&W's ,helping Jaimie with babysitting, and is now setting her mind to attending Red Deer College for Premed and Dentistry..

Her main entertainment keeps her busy on the phone to friends all around the province.  She has the gift of gab, something I wish I had.
Here is us then and now!!!!
me and Josie
May the God of Peace and Joy bless your family as we go into another New Year