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Women's Ministry
Women's Ministry Newsletter - March
September Newsletter

Women's Ministry Rennaisance Restaurant now open for Lunch!!


Just a phrase!!! We are going to dine in style tonight with all the gourmet things and lots of interesting things to do for the ladies.  The ping pong table was already set up so we spread Granny's 50 year old white sheets over for a tablecloth.  Our green dishes and blue bowls on top with silverware that has been in hiding since we left the Shoop House placed on either side of the setting.  Bright green and navy blue folded napkins at each place.  It does look inviting...Come in!


A table set for ten was soon filled as we settled in for a moment of devotion.  This evening the topic is about  a lady who we don't hear about too often.  Her name is Jochebed.


Opening the evening with prayer we began....


Turn to your Bibles and read the story in Exodus 1:8 - 2:8, Envision the characteristics that you see in this lady, what we, as influential women should have. In this portrayal we should see what God is like.
MEMORY VERSE:  "Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to his vouce, and hold fast to Him." Deut. 30:19-20
Choice is an awesome responsibility, but we are not left alone to make these choices.  1.God has given us the examples of women like Eve, Sarah, and Jochebed - who provide both good and bad examples of how to make wise choices
2. God has provided us with His Word to guide us  3. He has given us the avenue of prayer to seek His help  4.  He has gifted us with the sisterhood of motherhood  --where we can go to each other to share our hurts, our questions, our victories, and our challenges.
The 7 Characteristics are, ( you will find them on the bulletin board downstairs in potluck room, for those of you on the internet click underlined WORD), write them down and put them into your life. Be prepared to share about some of the choices you made and the impact they made.
  1. Cognizant
  2. Courageous
  3. Creative
  4. Non -Conformist
  5. Charged ahead
  6. Co operative
  7. Committed

Dinner Conversation: What is the greatest challenge one of your children has faced? OR What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced as a mom? How did you handle it?  Here were some of our responses:

  • in a difficult situation self- talk was used to calm herself down
  • being a grandmother two times I flipped out, talked to everybody and then calmed down, which probably was not the best way to handle it, but restored communication prevailed
  • Another tried the mediating method which worked well
  • A mom said she would do anything to be the substitute and she gained strength thru God
  • trials help us understand each other
  • our kids have taught us to accept people and their relationship with Jesus


Did you see God thru this story?  I hope so.  Keep watch for the next time for another exciting story of Sarah.


Birthday Time Again:
Laura Reimche-  April 3 
Jo Proctor        - April 3



More fun than other grandmas, mine wore a weathered leather mitt for afternoons of backyard catch, baseball and conversation tossed easily back and forth over freshly mowed grass.


I studied her palms like maps, memorizing their well-traveled roads, then turned them over, stroking their silky crepe paper.


I traced the paths of pronounced veins, built dams in those bulging rivers, and watched with wonder as blue tributaries flattened and disappeared only to reappear at my command..


Not believing, I hid my own small hand up next to hers, tried to imagine a time far in the future when mine, too, might hold such rivers, tried to imagine this time, now, when they do.


For the birthday girls, whether you are a grandma, mom, or friend


April is poetry month also, I noticed while glancing thru the internet, so here is another nice little one I found in some old fifties book that was laying around in my bookshelves,

Dame Nature’s Recipe.


Take a dozen little clouds

And a patch of blue;

Take a million raindrops,

 As many sunbeams, too.


Take a holt of violets,

A wandering of little breeze,

And myriads of little leaves

Dancing on the trees.


Then mix them well together,

In the very quickest way,

Showers and sunshine, birds and flowers,

And you’ll have an April day.



Tomato Quiche Tartlets


2 pkg of mini shells

cup finely snipped dried tomatoes

2 beaten eggs

3 tbsp light cream

1   tsp fresh basil snipped

c shredded Swiss cheese


Place shells on ungreased baking sheet


Cover dried tomatoes with boiling water for 2 min. Drain well. Add rest of ingred. Spoon 2 tsp mixture into each shell.  Bake 325 for 15 minutes.





Here is a yummy one called       ~      Apples with Pistachio-Almond Butter

Make ahead and chill overnight, bring out to room temperature to serve. 

cup pistachio nuts, blanched almonds, butter, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tsp finely shredded orange peel, 3 tbsp orange juice. Process in blender.  Serve with sliced oranges, apples, or pear wedges.


Ladies:  Next meeting  -  April 17.  We will see what the weather is like to go to Ross Lake for Bird Watching. There will be a blurb in the bulletin for any info on this. 


Oh Yes!  What did we do as Partners this past month----we phoned, and made phone calls, and did some phoning,  invited some over for Sabbath dinner and Charlotte was taken out for dinner.  Sounds like an idea for next month too.  Keep in touch with each other and know that any little thing is appreciated.  Which reminds me I better phone Alice!!


It is amazing that Prayer changes things!  When we all pray for the same things, with a goal to help one another for the cause of Jesus Christ, our petitions are heard.  Many more were answered, some did not as yet.  We will keep on praying.  This month:

  • there is a silent request from a husband
  • continue to pray for Laura and her girls
  • someone would still like to grow fingernails
  • some of us have eating habits to conquer
  • Linda requests safety and health during a trip to Vancouver
  • Popchuck children would like to come to SS but they need sabbath clothes, (grandfather too)
  • someone needs relief from past memories
  • Choices need to be made to come to SS and in sabbath observance
  • Tony's health
  • Sara's job will be successful
  • David J will find health

Heather offered a dedicatory prayer with many amens echoing the petitions to Jesus knowing He will hear.


Gift:  to a family or person who does not attend the meeting.  Earlier during the month of March it was requested by someone that we give Sharon's daughter, who lives in Alberta, some household things, she has just moved to a new home with virtually nothing, with two children, so we collected some things for her.  More in the way of dishes would be welcome and single bed things for the children also.  Contact Sharon for more information.
We also had enough food items to give to Mabel, who is mother to our Jessica. 
THANK YOU:  Sharon would like to say a great big THANK YOU for the gifts that were given.  Mabel appreciates her food too.  Thank you so much ladies for your support!
THANK YOU: To Donnie and Lorna who drove me all around this week while my car was getting fixed.
THANK YOU:  To the ladies who helped clean up after the meeting.  We had a great time.

The wonderful thing about being in a church family is that we get to be partners.  Some of us get a little closer and keep in touch more than we would otherwise.  And HERE are the NEW partners for March and April:
  1. Bonnie and Sarah
  2. Florence and Linda H.
  3. Rose J and Betty H
  4. Heather and Diana  [again!!! how did you manage that!]
  5. Charlotte and Laura
  6. Denise and Ruth T
  7. Alice and Bev

If any of you who are out of town and would like email contacts to others in the church let us know and we will find a partner for you too!  All we do is drop a note, pray, maybe a small gift, mainly just keep in touch.  We do quite a bit of phoning.  What would we do with out a phone-we would be forced to go snail mail--hint, hint!!! some of us love to get mail!!

Now About Quilts.........

Demo:  Napkin Folding  ~  at each place setting were brightly colored napkins. What to do with them!!   Fold them for one, wipe the corners of your mouth after eating for the next, drape them in front of you while eating soup! And also ~can you guess!~ make quilt blocks for the fourth idea.  Yes and that is what Linda and Rose offered to do after we diligently followed instructions on how to fold napkins in elegant styles. Here are a couple of ways--click the word to see diagrams of napkins and a picture………


Charlotte Smith received a bulletin from the Quiet Hour which stated a desperate need for an orphanage in Russia.  Many of the children there do not get love and attention, or changed diapers for many hours, no rubber pants to protect the bedding and as many as 500 diapers are changed and washed by hand every day.  There is not enough adults to go around and comfort these little ones.
Ladies of the church--as belonging to the world of women's ministry--I would like to challenge each of you to give twenty dollars until the end of this month to this cause.  One twenty dollar bill supplies help for a child in one month.  Send your donations marked to Women's Ministry orphange in a tithe envelope so that Jeff can send a lump sum on behalf of Hazelton's Women's Ministry group.


We closed our preliminaries with prayer, standing and showing appreciation for everyone who came to the meeting , we joined hands and sang the theme song “Blest Be The Tie That Binds”


Dinner:  A very exciting and colorful meal is waiting of:  Salad, tiny tomatoes filled with cream cheese and a pumpkin seed, crackers and cheese, clover shaped cut-out bread with green cheese for St. Patrick’s day, little biscuits that were very light and good by Ruth, taste of potato salad, garlic toasts, latkes with sour cram and crab applesauce, and Potato-Corn Chowder for the soup.  Water for drinks. 


If you want to make fancy butters to set at each table setting, simply whip your margarine with a beater for about 10-15 min or until fluffy, put into a pastry tube with a fancy end and squeeze into small “clean” candle holders. 


a picture to fill up space
but you can get some ideas for your decorating

Spring forward, Fall back ---    Just as sunflowers turn their heads to catch every sunbeam, so too have we discovered a simple way to get more from our sun.

We've learned to save energy and enjoy sunny summer evenings by switching our clocks an hour forward in the summer.   April 3