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Women's Ministry
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Women's Ministry Newsletter ~ February

A COLORFUL evening of hearts, food, and quilt blocks on the menu!

looks like everyone is having a good time

enjoying a home cooked meal

CONFIDENCE is the center of our lives in the way we relate to each other, to our God, and our work and where we live.  Each person was asked the question,“What gives you confidence?”  Every one agreed having God in our lives gives us tenacity to live day to day.

            Having your spouse or friend, also a counselor to affirm you each day

            Not allowing someone to put you down

            Communication with friend, family

            Making a decision to like/love

            Confident people have bad moments too where they feel like chucking everything in the garbage-but pick up and start all over again.  You are not alone.

            Treat everyone with equality and fairness, honesty

            Believe in yourself, do what you have to do

            Have varied interests

            Find the area you are weak in and work to turn it around

            If you're saying things to yourself like "You're no good at anything" then rest assured, you're wrong. Everyone can compose a sentence, get successfully to the store, eat without choking

Remember to God YOU are important.  If you were the only person in the world He would have sacrificed his life for you! Do not give up!

Someone once said that the closer you are to God, the bigger your heart for people-help someone.


Gift   ~  Lots of dried peas ad beans,

 canned stuff, cute teddy bear trivet, hand cream,

 and other things, we piled them all in a box,

decided on name and came up with Don Bullock.  His

son answered the door and was very surprised and  thanked

us for thinking of his family!!

We hope you enjoyed all your things and wish

 you God’s blessing.




Rose and Jeff Webb are opening their home this Sabbath 

for all visitors ad anyone who would like to associate with

other church members.  Last year we had a great time with

lots of good food and I am sure we will have good fellow

ship too.  Thank you Webbs.


Note: Thank you again Jeff and Rose.  The people would like to thank you for being wonderful hosts for dinner.  Lots of good food - lentil roast with zucchini relish - you will have to send the recipe for the relish! and lasagna, salad, dark bread, saurkraut, tenderbits,  and others.  Delicious rhubarb casserole dessert.


This poem was taken from and ideals magazine that Betty had given me.  Along with that was a funny story you will find at the back of this news letter.  I hope everyone had a great Valentines.  We did!  Denise came to the meeting with lots of goodies for everyone. Hugs for all to boost our confidence! And after all the talking about confidence we were starving.  The smell of Heather’s good soup overpowered the desire to sing the theme song.  But we waited.  Thank you so much for an enjoyable evening and making it another success!  Heather graciously asked the blessing and we ate Minestrone soup with beans and noodles and other good things.  Special Dessert came later because it was Valentines.  It was Chocolate cake chopped in mini squares with Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream and a Strawberry on top. 



       Food for Thought


Cabbage always has a heart;

Green beans string along.

You’re such a cute tomato,

Will you peas to me belong?

You’ve been the apple of my eye,

You know how much I care;

So lettuce get together,

We’d make a perfect pear.


Now, something’s sure to turnip

To prove you can’t be beet;

So, if you carrot all for me

Let’s let our tulips meet.

Don’t squash my hopes and dreams now,

Bee my honey, dear;

Or tears will fill potato’s eyes

While sweet corn lends an ear.


I’ll cauliflower shop and say

Your dreams are parsley mine.

I’ll work and share my celery,

So be my valentine.




Take dried rose leaves, keep them in a glass which will keep them sweet, and than take powder of mint, powder of cloves, and put the same to the rose leaves.  Put together in a bag and take that to bed with you and it will cause you to sleep and it is good to smell unto at other times 

keeping the pew warm!!

AND Guess who won the door prize???!!!!
Each of us chose a number and someone said mine is #7, and Laura was given #8.  Charlotte Smith donated a decorative square of material, so I took it home, sewed some fancy tape on it and turned it into a pillow cover.  Denise won it!  #7 is her lucky number.  Sleep tight Denise!!!

Here are some verses I thought were really good…

Job 4:6 - 

Is not your reverence your confidence? And the integrity of your ways your hope?

Ps 65:5 -

By awesome deeds in righteousness You will answer us, O God of our salvation, You who are the confidence of all the ends of the earth, And of the far-off seas;

Ps 118:8

             It is better to trust in the Lord Than to put confidence in man.

Isa 30:15 -

For thus says the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: "In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength."



How can we make a difference In Your Life?  Another factor in confidence is the fact we know that some one is praying for us. We have included many of last  months requests also:

  1. ongoing is information regarding a Christian radio station for Hazelton
  2. church  for  High River
  3. at least  eight people with medical problems
  4. George – silent request
  5. Confidence for many
  6. for someone to grow nails
  7. battle with addictions
  8. family matters

While this list seems generic, - ladies of the church –Please pray for the people involved and who are known to the ladies who came to the meeting . 

At the close of our worship Charlotte and Betty dedicated

our prayer list in petition to our Father in heaven. 




February  partners are:


Diana Hatzi – Heather Hagen

Alma Blabey – Bonnie McCreery

Calvin’s Linda – Alice Bennett

Denise Olson – Florence McLeod

Sarah Redding --  Bev Astleford

Rose Johnson – Charlotte Smith

Betty Hagen – Ruth Townsend

Laura Reimche – Valerie McCreery




Ideas to share with your partner, one for every week:

           Work together on your 2nd quilt block

           Who can spot the first owl or bird

           Make a recipe using your favorite ingredients

           Share a story


Unfortunately our demonstration for Ravoli was not able to make it.  Whenever a chance comes up for Ravoli we would be glad to make room for you Linda!! I scouted my kitchen rapidly and came up with the closest thing to ravioli I could find. Apologies for not being healthy, but I will put the challenge out to you to see if you can come up with a healthy version and send it  to me…. Well! click on the RECIPE section and you will find it under Soups and Things.



Please remember to bring your 2nd quilt block for the blanket either a  flannel one for the baby blanket OR a plain twelve inch block for the other one – choose blue, white, red, yellow heavier cotton only.


Each one is requested to bring stuff for a Green Salad with dressing And an Appetizer.


Dress warm.  We will meet at the church and then

Hop in our cars and go for a short walk at Ross Lake.


Bring Tooney for the kitty, Gift for someone not at the meeting.

Over the bridge and past the topiary is Denise!!

Tids & Bits


Now that it is FRUIT season again with oranges and grapefruits coming here is a bit of info……


Red Grapefruit is a excellent source of Vitamin C, it facilitates the body’s absorption of iron. Boasts an abundance of antioxidants.  It’s red color comes from lycopene which lowers the risk of heart disease and some cancers, particularly of the pancreas, lungs, and prostate.


This fruit gives risotto a subtle lift and infuses an Asian inspired dish with sweetness.  It is also the red jewel of a lettuce salad and the built-in dessert bowl for heaps of meringue.


When my kids were at home we cut it in half, put some margarine!!! On top with a bit of brown sugar and micro waved it for a few seconds.  Very yummy. 



Anyway , Ladies, have a very good March.  Please be encouraged to support Women’s Ministry.  You will find a bit of the luck of the Irish at the bottom of this page.  A little bit goes a long way!!!

CRAFT IDEA for Valentines,  right click the picture, save it on your hard drive, and print.  You can trace or cut it out on any paper with Xacto or sharp upholstry knife, decorate a mantle, card, or bulletin board or just for fun see the patterns.  Have fun!