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Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry Newsletter~ April

September Newsletter

"DOG DAYS"  ARE HERE .......

Welcome back to the Shoop House!.....

Jo said she had a mini dashound

Here we are!!  AGAIN!  It is really nice to be back in the Shoop House again.  We have room to put the dishes, tablecloths and pictures we have collected for our club. Decorations and flowers, clean place to wash the dishes, and a warm place to sit for the meal and chat, which we do with a lot of enthusiasm!!
This time was no  exception! as ten of us deposited the vegetables-already cut up and ready to cook for the stew in the pot.  PEAS, CARROTS, POTATOES, ONIONS, CORN, CELERY, and imitation DOG FOOD!  which of course was soymeat of some kind that was very good.  Jo had a delicious gravy when all the stuff was done that she added to the cooked veggies.  Then a few SPICES, put water in the pot, the stew cooked while we sat down and  concentrated on a moment of worship.
Diana Hatzi-Miseva opened our meeting with a prayer of petition that each one would receive a blessing.
The topic we chose was on Rebekah.  Last month we read about Jochabed and her characteristics.  Sarah will be postponed until next month as it is a bit longer study.  Each of the matriarchal ladies personality traits can be translated for our own personal salvation.  See if you can relate to any of them as we list some of Rebekahs traits.


                We are looking at one woman today-- we don’t want men to go home and say women have to be perfectly submissive and obedient wives, whose self-worth and self-esteem is tied to building their husband’s ego.  We are also looking at Sarah’s daughter-in-law, Rebekah, a woman whom Sarah never met and if she had been alive maybe would not have approved of her for her only son Isaac. Listen why....

                Rebekah, the wife of Isaac, is a very different personality than Sarah.  She is an amazingly independent woman, self-confident, decisive.  When Abraham’s servant arrives in her town looking for a bride for Isaac and inquires about Rebekah, Rebekah says without hesitation, ‘Yes, I will go.”  This one decision will determine her whole life, but she is ready to walk away with Abraham’s servant into a primitive, unknown land to marry a man she had never met.  Rebekah has guts.  She becomes Isaac’s wife.

                Sometime later she becomes pregnant.  She discovers she has twins and the babies fight with each other, even inside the womb.  Rebekah wonders what is going on and asks the Lord.  God lets her into a mystery.  God says, “There are two nations in your womb, two rival people, one will be stronger than the other and the older will serve the younger.”  The twins are born – Esau, the older and Jacob the younger.  The Scriptures say that Isaac loved Esau and Rebekah loved Jacob…another dysfunctional family in the Bible.

                When it comes time for the blessing to be passed on to the customary oldest son, Isaac sees no reason to depart from established tradition and prepares to bless Esau.  Rebekah, though, upon hearing of Isaac’s plan initiates this scheme of rather blatant deception and manipulation.  In this story Rebekah connives to have the blessing bestowed upon her favorite, upon Jacob.

                Rebekah is not like Sarah.  She is not the obedient wife, patiently waiting on her husband, submitting to his authority.  She takes things into her own hands, even if it is against the intentions of her husband.  Why?  I sense that Rebekah has the better insight from God here… perhaps because she had been given this prophecy earlier … perhaps because she is more attuned to the ways of the Lord than Isaac.  Maybe she sees that Jacob is better prepared to pass along the faith tradition that had begun with Abraham.  Jacob would be a better servant of God than Esau.  She feels called to intervene with her husband’s intention so that what she believes is God’s intention might be fulfilled, willing to risk the wrath and words of her husband and oldest son for the Lord’s will.  The last glimpse we see of Rebekah is sending Jacob far off to live with her brother Laban while she remains to stand up to Isaac and Esau.  She is a gutsy lady.

                Through her discernment, Rebekah showed courage and broke with the established custom.  She defied the patriarchal system to bring about what she felt was God’s will and God’s purpose.  Was Rebekah’s example of deception an example that we should follow?  I don’t think so.  But God was able to use it for the advancement of God kingdom.

                We have two women here, (which we will study about next month), in the Old Testament, whose stories are only chapters apart, who lived only one generation apart, but who felt called to serve God in strikingly different ways ... one through submission to her husband, the other feeling called to deceive her husband for a greater good.  I think both loved their husbands deeply, and their husbands loved them.  I think God used the qualities of both of these women for the greater good.  Both were used in carrying out God’s plan of salvation.

                I sometimes wish things were more cut and dried in the Bible, but it’s not always that way.  As we read the biblical stories, people don’t always act the way we would like them to act.  The “heroes” don’t always act heroic.  The “good” people aren’t always good.  The Bible is brutally honest about the faults of God’s people.  God’s reign advances in many ways, through many kinds of people, none of whom are perfect save Jesus Christ.  But God works even through the imperfectness of this world.  God will work through the imperfectness of each of us.  Because we live in this imperfect world, God has no choice but to use imperfect people such as you and me.


C'mon everyone

this has been fun!

Valerie came at the end and told us of her dog who is aCat!

Ruth T's cooking without sugar. It was gooood.

The table had fresh white paper, because you know, dogs like to go on paper!, and we could write our notes and graffitti on it, Ruth had an elaborate note I is tacked to the bulletin board.  and Rose drew some cute dogs. 
For centerpieces my sister sent some purple violets.  I used cups for vases that worked very well!  Each of the ladies could take home a doggie bag which was a homemade dog biscuit wrapped with a paper ribbon tucked in a small paper bag. 
Here is the recipe....they are good for humans too......(click on the title for more recipies)
Humane Society Recipe

From the Peninsula Humane Society, San Mateo, Ca

1/2 cup cornmeal
6 tbsp Oil
2 cups whole wheat flour
2/3 cup water or broth

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together well. Roll out to 1/4 inch thick. Cut into desired shapes with cooky cutter. Bake 35-40 mins, let cool and store in tightly sealed container.


We were a little late starting so while everyone ate, each one told about their pets.
Heather--had a dog named Heidi
Bonnie--granddogs that are golden labs, helper dogs, named Bailey, Riley
Denise --  owned a tabby cat named Mallory who would roll out of bed when someone said "Rise and Shine"
Florence --  a dog that prayed, black called Shadow
Betty  --  married 51 yrs to a man who owned a cat named Sylvester J Pussycat, an orange tabby who did not like his tail to be pulled! the cat and her truned out to be best friends
Valerie  --  a spaniel named Sparkle who had many "other" friends and liked the Hagen yard.  Now she has a "dog"  named Magi who is a cat.  Dayle barked like a dog but he was a human, Their favorite dogs are cats!
Rose  --  When Victoria was little they found a Poopom named Trixie that fit in a pocket when they brought it home, it was so little
Jo  --  owned many dogs, a Hentz 57, Honey, Jeremy, Ginger who they don't have anymore
Laura  --  has an American Eskimo dog named Cuddles, a very good companion
Diana  --  appreciates a tiny dog for around the house
Ruth  --  although not a dog either chose a llama
Bev  ---   my dog is a cross Pyrenee and something else that makes him look like the Two Mile tiger!!  His name is BOB. and can make other dogs run 30km wether they think they can or not.  but he is very friendly.


Praise the Lord for small things and the big things that happen in our lives.  Laura is doing excellent in her school work.  Keep up the good work! It is almost done.  There have been little changes in everyone's life, so their names will be added again for the month of April/May.  We ask also that the church as a group join in praying for us.
  • Continue to pray for Laura and the time she gets to spend with her family and her schoolwork
  • Ruth T
  • Linda H -- her health and personal concerns in going to Vancouver
  • Tony's diagnosis
  • Denise's health so she wil be able to attend church
  • Bonnie's neck
  • Florence to have relief from medications
  • Jaimie to find direction in life for her child also
  • Marvin's health and medication direction
  • Jo needs healing for her back
  • Pathfinders and more leadership, Garbathon for camporee, need more funding
  • Calvin and Linda - unspoken requests
  • Jordan and his adjustments to Hazelton
  • Denise's father

In our customary way Betty offered prayer for each one to be touched by Jesus and that they will continue to see Him in their lives.

a few of the pictures they brought

Bev A.  --  May 30
Charlotte and George Smith  --  May 17

and mini dog place cards

This meeting was no different than the rest -- We pass the paper around to sign our names if we want to be partners or not, someone cuts the names out, folds the pieces, puts them in a basket, someone else takes two names out and we see who we have.  Two of our members thought they could be partners again!  Look at the last two newsletters and you will see who they are!  No o ! not this time.   Another two decided they should be partners before we started the draw.  Heather laughingly taunted us and said, "no cheating!"  OK! we will do it right. Well! I tell you, you would have to be there to know the fun we had.  Batting eyelids, heads turned toward Florence who was drawing the names just to see who was getting who.  And guess what ..........this is who we got.............Look at #3...........
  1. Bev A   &    Linda H   ( hello old partner again!)
  2. Alma B   &   Bonnie Mc  (that was ok because they talk all the time anyway)
  3. Denise   &   Diana H   ( now this was what was unexpected because they got each other anyway even though they planned ahead!!!!)
  4. Rose J  &  Florence M  ( first time for these two)
  5. Laura R   &   Heather H   ( planning to have fun)
  6. Ruth T   &    Betty H     (old partners too)

We missed you --Charlotte and Alice, Linda

Partners:  May you have the Son before you and the Spirit wind behind you, with songs of gratitude, Comfort one another in the arms of friendship. 

Keep in touch at least once but once a week is great.  Things to do--phone, pray, give a note, a flower for Mother's day, plan a Sabbath lunch, share a photo, exchange a plant.  These are just ideas, do one or all.  Have fun.

Rebekah's Characteristics:
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Confident
  • Faith
  • Industrious
  • Deceiver
  • Showed favoritism causing Rift in marriage

These are some of the things we came up with.  Can you find anymore?  Let us know  what your thoughts are.  What ones would you choose?

Lining up for supper

  1. Rose Johnson has been really working hard at making quilt squares for our project.  I am afraid the rest of us are not keeping up as well.  But the quilt will go on!  and it will get done, if nothing else Rose we will help you quilt it.  I have backing for it, so if there is someone who can donate the batting for the center that will be real great.  One of the quilts will go to Thor, her son, who has just had a baby boy.
  2. News on the orphanage in Tula, Russia  --  We have challenged every lady to donate up to $20 and lots of donations have come in.  We have raised over $200. Someone from out of town gave $150. Thank you so much for your donations.
  3. Next meeting we will plan a special time for Mother's --  the third Sunday of May, 15th, 3:30 -  6:00pm because of special activities hopefully, that will turn out.
  4. No desserts for the meetings except for special occasions and that will be delegated only
  5. Women's Ministry Potluck was a great success.  Once more there was lots of good food, association, flowers on the table, Video on the life of Jesus, and Literature Band to help Alma in stuffing envelopes. Thank you to Betty Hagen for arranging these times together.  We need more volunteers.  Even if your house is small you can still have visitors come.  Line them up in the hallways or enjoy the outside with lawnchairs. Contacht her if you would be willing to host a lunch potluck.


This reminds me of the old days in Toronto, I went to a concert that featured Englebert.  Most of the show featured other guests while only in the last half hour he came on stage for his presentation.
And so that is what this newsletter is doing---WHERE ARE THE DOGS!---coming! another couple items first.

couple ladies brought bread and buns. Here is the
stew and this is what it looked like

By the time we supervised the stew on how it was cooking, getting our business done, doing what ladies do when they get together-TALK, pounding the gavel that Ruth T and I think Denise got together on!! of course Florence and Bev taking pictures!, it was getting late and our stomachs were growling, we decided to have the  closing prayer and blessing of the supper offered by Florence.  Standing in an closed circle, voiced blended for the theme song, Blest be the tie that binds.  Thank you so much for your support and for coming to the meeting.  We again had lots of fun.  A lot of times we sort of dread coming and wonder if we should.  But in the end we are glad and it was worth the trouble.  God blesses our time together everytime and He blesses the partnership we have with each other also. 
As leader of Women's Ministry, I am sure the others agree, we would invite more of you to come in for the two hours once a month to support your church office.

here is us as we listen to the facinating story on llamas

more of us

       We were undecided who should receive our gifts when everyone left.  There are some white socks, popcorn, canned vegetables, green towel, T-paper.
        Linda H was not at the meeting.  She is not feeling well.  Her husband has left on a trip.  And she needs encouragement.  Do you think that qualifies?  We all think so!  Would you like our gift Linda?
        We wish you health, and angels to watch over you, and friends to keep you happy.  Enjoy.....from us.

Closing time!  clean up time!  Thank you to the ladies who stayed to clean up.  husbands waiting....and we are gone....all smiling...............
Dog Puzzle you can put together, just click on the underlined word
here are the name cards you can make for your table, right click on your mouse, copy and save and print..  Cut out and color.
Ladies  ---   you will be given a bag with plaster next week.  Find some sand or dirt.  push your pets paw into the sand so that it leaves a print.  Take the paw out!!!  Then mix the plaster.  Pour the plaster into the sand print.  Let dry and remove from sand.  There! you have a print of your pets foot.  Bring it to the meeting next for display.

Next meeting May 15. Sunday 3.30 - 6 pm